Crazy About Tutoring

Tutoring Can Yield Crazy Results!

 Are you stuck and confused on a topic? A tutor can help get you over the hump of where you are stuck.
A Helpful Tutor

A Helpful Tutor

Since there are so many options, when you search for a tutoring coach, there are several concerns you need to research.

Do you want a personal tutor, or would an online tutor work?

Another option for many people is to use online tutoring. This is quite effective for learning a language. Using Skype is very popular for many online tutors.  While learning a language online may work, other subjects such as math or science probably are better learned by someone who tutors you in person.

Each company though has a different approach to how and where they conduct their tutoring.

When you select a personal tutor, there are several things to consider. There are several sites where you can hire a tutor directly, or many choose to use a tutoring company like ClubZ, Huntington, Kumon, Sylvan, etc..

Some companies require that the student be tutored at their location. Others instead will come and tutor right in your home. Think about the savings in time and travel when figuring out which is better for you.

You should also ask if you are required to use the company’s material or can you use your child’s actual books? If your child is having trouble with a particular topic, would it be better to study it right from their own school book?

Is there a long term contract?  Or can you instead pay month-by-month.

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Hiring a tutor is a good sized investment. It’s not cheap to hire a tutor, so signing a long term contract can be quite expensive. This is especially true if your child only needs a few hours to get past a problem.

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